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We are your wealth steward in every financial facet.

The needs of high and ultra-high net worth families are often multi-faceted and complex. With thoughtful attention to detail and a commitment to delivering superior service, Patti Wealth Management offers intelligent investment strategies that can create value by simplifying clients’ financial lives and providing them the freedom and flexibility to pursue other life interests.

As a fiduciary, and thus required to always act in the best interest of our clients, we endeavor to become a family’s wealth steward. Through our forward-thinking approach, we offer scalable strategies that may be utilized by multiple family members.

Our services include financial planning, real estate investment strategies, tax-efficient investment strategies, consolidated performance, and tax reporting on all asset classes, and lending strategies. Furthermore, families often rely on us to coordinate their financial affairs with third-party representatives, such as CPA’s, attorneys, estate planners and insurance providers.

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