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Patti Wealth Management is an independent, privately-owned investment practice providing active management and other advisory services to clients throughout the United States. The practice is staffed by professionals with more than a century of collective financial advisory experience and supported by relationships with global investment research firms.


Our practice is also affiliated with Stratos Wealth Partners. This alliance provides additional depth of human, technological, and compliance expertise that allows Patti Wealth Management to provide clients with a high level of professional service.


The bottom line? You are first! At Patti Wealth Management, we work diligently to achieve your needs and expectations. Our independence (our owners are our employees) allows us to focus entirely on helping you pursue your goals (we have nothing to sell other than satisfaction) and, in doing so, to help build and retain the long-term relationships that clients seek, and success ensures.

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Just because you can do it on your own,

doesn’t mean you need to.

With Patti Wealth Management's comprehensive strategies and experienced advisors,

you can get back to doing the things everyone else wishes they had time for.

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